Why Moving Your Website to WordPress is a Smart Move?

Running a small business can be tiresome and difficult, so it only makes sense to create a working environment that is simple and powerful, yet still fits into your budget.

This is why migrating your website to WordPress is one your best online moves:

Add new page in WordPress
Adding a new page in WordPress is easy!

Business sites of all types and sizes are migrating their websites to WordPress because it gives them the best web presence, that can be maintained on a tight budget.

WordPress is also simple to maintain, easy to update, highly customizable and has a fast learning curve. In addition, free support is available through online communities and you can add plenty of new features.

WordPress Is Free

The most obvious benefit of moving a website to WordPress is : WordPress is a free content management system (CMS). It is incredibly difficult to say no to such a proposition.

While WordPress is free, it is one of those rare free products of such superior quality that it could be sold for hundreds of dollars per copy. Because of this, Web developers recommend WordPress rather than a commercial platform or another open-source system.

The only money you will need to hand over are hosting and domain registration (which you already have to pay with your current website) and one time payment for the migration of your current website to WordPress.

WordPress Is Open-Source Software

WordPress was created by an open-source community and all updates are available free of charge. The open-source status of WordPress is what has allowed it to become so versatile yet remain free, and it makes this software incredibly flexible.

If you happen to have a Web designer on staff or have a volunteer who understands coding, he or she has complete access to the code and can make any changes that are needed.

WordPress Is a Full Content Management System (CMS)

A fairly common misconception many people have about WordPress is that it is only useful for blogs and it is frequently confused with other platforms, that are nothing but blogging tools.

However, WordPress is a fully functional CMS that can be used as a framework for almost any type of business website, providing visitors with a dynamic and interactive experience.

After you’ll import a website to WordPress, it will gain the following benefits before it is even customized:

  • Easy-to-use content editing tool
  • Simple page-management system
  • Image gallery with embedding options
  • Multiple users with tiered access and privileges
  • Intuitive design
  • A quick and easy way for you to upload photos, pictures, PDFs or videos.
  • Comments – interact with your audience by allowing them to interact with each other in the comments section of each post. Comments can be enabled or disabled at a set time or on a post-by-post basis.

WordPress Is Easy to Use

You most likely have a couple of people on the payroll who manage the current website. Because of this, there is no time to waste training to use a complex system that requires extensive knowledge of coding.

Fortunately, WordPress is easy to use and the learning curve is quite small. Most people can pick up the basics after just fiddling around on the dashboard. The interface is extremely intuitive, which makes it perfect for overworked personnel with very little free time.

If any difficulties are presented or you want to learn about advanced features, easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials are available online.

WordPress Offers Dynamic Design Features

WordPress provides support for plugins, which makes this CMS more powerful and versatile than any other platform available today.

While WordPress provides a slew of features straight out of the box, installing plugins is a simple way to add new tools and features that make life easier for website editors, no matter the specific needs and objectives of the organization.

When you need your website to offer your prospects certain features or you would like features added to the backend, to make your work a little easier, all you have to do is take a look at the thousands of plugins available from the WordPress directory.

Most of them are absolutely free while others carry a nominal one-time fee. In most cases, however, there are so many plugins from which to choose that you will be able to find both free and paid versions, that provide nearly identical features.

How WordPress plugins can help your business:

  • Events Calendar – Create a dynamic calendar that goes infinitely into the future. The calendar can be updated with important events and each event can have a dedicated page to provide all the important details.
  • Contact forms – Create forms quickly and easily in order to gather contact information and allow others to contact you or fill order forms online.
  • Newsletters – A newsletter plugin allows you to create and distribute a newsletter quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily or just allow site visitors to receive updates on new posts via email.
  • Notifications – Receive notifications for comments or system events that require your attention.

Dynamic and Responsive Website

Last but not least, WordPress allows you to create dynamic webpages with different headers, logo positions and drop-down menus.

WordPress website is fully customizable and you can give it a responsive design, so that it can be viewed from any smartphone or tablet.