Content Migration

Moving to WordPress? Great decision, however there is an issue: you need to migrate a lot of content (pages, articles, posts, resources and images) from your current website over to the new WordPress site. This is something that we can assist with:


Full content migration service from website to WordPress with attention to every detail (paragraphs, HTML elements, headings, images and links).

SEO included – we make the effort to keep and even improve your website’s current rankings at Search Engines like Google, by the following:

  • Smart ALT tags for images in the page
  • Settings for SEO friendly URLs
  • Custom 301 redirects from old pages to the new
  • 301 redirects will be applied to images also (image search impact)
  • Text/HTML code “clean up” for better search engines indexing and reducing the size of the new page (page speed).

Get a precise price quote by sending example from the old website and how many pages to migrate: